Why Jupiter ?

Jupiter has established a leadership position in the web server colocation industry with cloud technology by meet the every need of small-to-medium sized business with best-of-breed colocation solutions and by providing comprehensive, instantly scalable technologies to a broad spectrum of customers.

In an industry cluttered with competing technologies and varying levels of service, Jupiter leadership position is upheld through our customer-centric business model which allows our customers to be in complete control of their online presence.


The founders, having years of experience especially in the world of webhosting and web server colocation in Indonesia since 2000.

We have strived to improve offering a wide array of products and services choices continually to our customers. In adition, we create a non-traditional corporate environment to welcome feedback from customers and employees. This is channeled to our Quality Assurance Management in order to enable us to meet the needs of a fast-growing and ever-changing medium. Therefore, allowing us to enhance each of our products and services on a continual basic and deliver the latest features as requested.

Quality assurance is the focus that enables us to seek and provide the best service and programs continually and as soon as new technology becomes available.

Rock-Solid Infrastructure

Jupiter data center has been constructed to provide the most secure and reliable hosting environment, as good as our Internet connections.

Our large international bandwidth connects customers through a redundant connection to major providers of global Internet backbone (Tier-1 backbone providers). Supported by a large capacity of bandwidth, your data-transfer activities will surely be reliable and smooth. We also have direct connections to the Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX), TELKOM and Indosat as well, in addition to a number of private peering connections with other local ISPs, thus strategically positioned Jupiter right in the center of the Indonesian Internet infrastructure.

Innovative Support Technology

Jupiter hosts hundreds of customer web servers whose skills range anywhere from novice-level to experts. These range from personal websites to large web hosting companies. The Jupiter Technical Support center is staffed 24 hours a day to offer assistance in any area. When the Technical Support Team cannot resolve a customer’s issue, customer is welcome to call and talk to our management team. We avoid customer’s frustration for multiple layers escalation procedures.

We know however, that great service starts long before you contact us. Therefore, our customized server and network monitoring systems are sophisticated, refined and highly sensitive. We monitor overall performance statistics from our routers and our servers, we monitor basic HTTP response and availability of port 80, we monitor all server-level hardware, and all other port specific services that enable you to fully utilize your web site to its fullest potential. Our monitoring systems not only alert us to what is happening, it also gives us an idea of what might happen if we do not take proactive steps to correct an issue.

Depth of Product Offerings

Today, Jupiter is able to offer our customers all flavors of colocation services. However, we don’t stop there. In our pursuit to becoming a world class web solution provider, we have created Colocation Server, Dedicated Server, Rack Solution, and Bandwidth Services.

All of our services are backed with a 7 day money back guarantee.



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