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fast, universal, safe, cost-efficient and scalable

Jupiter Acronis Storage is universal, cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and scalable software-defined storage solution that combines block, file, and object workloads and uses industry-standard hardware.

fastest storage in the industry

Jupiter Acronis Storage is a software-defined storage solution that allows you to quickly and easily transform industry-standard hardware into protected, enterprise-grade storage. Universal, cost-efficient, and scalable, it combines block, file, and object workloads in a single solution and is built on a proven architecture that has been protecting over 100 petabytes of production data in Acronis Data Centers for more than six years. It incorporates Acronis CloudRAID™ for reliable data protection and Acronis Notary™ with blockchain technology to ensure data integrity.


Program ini cocok buat para pemain lokal di bidang layanan webhosting, konsultan IT, ataupun service provider (application service provider dan ISP), terutama ISP dengan skala menengah kecil atau ISP lokal di luar Jakarta yang akan merasakan beratnya beban biaya jaringan jika mempunyai data center di Jakarta.

Yang menarik adalah bahwa anda tidak perlu melakukan investasi apapun untuk hal ini (Zero Capex). Semua investasi dan biaya operasional terkait data center, jaringan serta pemeliharaan hardware adalah tanggung jawab kami.

  • Merek dan Logo anda sendiri.
  • Control Panel untuk mengelola pelanggan dan layanan anda.
  • Invoice dan Billing yang anda kelola sendiri.

Use Case and Workload Features
  • Archive, high-performance, and file storage for all-in-one storage support.
  • High-performance block storage (hot data) for virtual environments, databases, and other applications.
  • Shared (warm data) file storage for files, backups, virtual infrastructures, and web hosting.
  • Object storage for big data, archival data, backups, application storage, static web content hosting, and onlineservices storage.
  • Acronis Backup Gateway to provide seamless integration with Acronis backup products.
  • iSCSI, NFS, Amazon S3, and Acronis Backup API are supported to ensure compatibility with applications and workflows.
  • SSD caching to deliver maximum performance.
  • Hot plug for SSD/HHD to increase/ decrease capacity or replace a drive without downtime.
  • Automatic cluster rebalancing to improve performance and reliability.
  • Storage tiers to optimize storage efficiency.
Data Protection Features
  • Acronis CloudRAID erasure-coding and replication to protect data even when multiple nodes fail.
  • Acronis Notary with data in blockchain and replication to guarantee data authenticity.
  • Data encryption at rest using AES-256 bit encryption.
  • Object storage geo-replication to provide data access across multiple data centers.
  • Flexible number of replicas to minimize chances of data loss.
  • Data checksumming and scrubbing to ensure data integrity.
Management and Infrastructure Features
  • Per-workload configuration and tuning to maximize individual application performance.
  • Single-panel, secure web management interface with role-based access to improve IT productivity.
  • Audit log to track all user actions.
  • Alerts to immediate address system issues.
  • Designed to scale from gigabytes to exabytes, allowing seamless business growth.
  • Non-disruptive on-line expansion of nodes and disks.

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