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Addons Monthly Prices Addons Monthly Prices

up to 250 Clients
Rp. 289.000,-
Cloud License
Up to 5 Account
Rp. 289.000,-

Web Admin Edition
Rp. 119.000,-
Cloud License
Up to 30 Account
Rp. 389.000,-

Web Pro Edition
Rp. 185.000,-
Cloud or Metal License
Up to 100 Account
Rp. 598.000,-

Web Host Edition
Rp. 385.000,-
Cloud or Metal License
Above 100 Account
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Rp. 159.000,- Rp. 149.000,-
softaculous-logo Rp. 29.000,- Rp. 59.000,-
logocl Rp. 198.000,-
Single User
Rp. 90.000,-

Up to 30 User
Rp. 195.000,-
Up to 250 User
Rp. 279.000,-

Unlimited User
Rp. 379.000,-
for cPanel incl. 100GB Storage
Rp. 148.000,-
Windows Server 2008/2012
Standard Edition R2 (Single Processor)
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Windows Server 2008/2012
Datacenter Edition R2 (Dual Processor)
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