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we provides an all-inclusive security solution for users concerned about website security in Indonesia

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is an application firewall for HTTP applications. It applies a set of rules to an HTTP conversation. Generally, these rules cover common attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injections, session hijacking, brute force attacks, etc.

Jupiter enterprise level web application firewall protects your websites from unknown web attacks as well as known attacks with the highest precision.

Jupiter WAF not only detects known attack patterns via pattern-matching analysis, but also analyzes traffic for malicious behavior with two additional unique detection methods: Semantic analysis and Heuristic analysis. This allows our logic based analysis engine to detect known, unknown and even modified attacks with industry-leading accuracy.

Protect Your Website Against Web Attacks

OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities

Jupiter WAF protects against the top ten vulnerabilities identified by OWASP. To do this, we use 26 custom algorithms and rule sets which allow our WAF to detect and to accurately block web attacks with low false positives.

Our logic based algorithms allow our WAF to detect a wider range of web attacks. Thus, it even detects both known and unknown or modified web attacks.

Online Payment Compliance

Data leaks for small businesses result in heavy financial losses. All websites which a credit card payment module are required to comply with PCI-DSS 6.6 standards.

It is important to keep consumers’ credit card information and other personal information safe when exchanging information online.


(CDN + Web Application Firewall + DDoS Protection + Free SSL)


Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks overload resources of a targeted system in various ways. Add your website to Jupiter DDoS Protection if you want us to monitor and block them in real-time.

Our advanced DDoS solution (Layer 3, 4 & 7) protects against the most common one to sophisticated multi-vector and application layer attacks.

TCP SYN Floods

TCP FIN Floods

TCP RST Floods


HTTP Post Floods

HTTP XMLRPC PingBack attacks

TCP Fragment attacks


TCP Syn Spoofed

ICMP Floods


Brute Force

TCP Ack Floods

Ping of Death

DNS NXDomain Floods

HTTP Cache Control

HTTP SSL Saturation

Amplified DNS DDoS




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