Jupiter Dedicated Server

inexpensive, customizable and powerful

Jupiter Dedicated Server hosting gives you physical, single-tenant servers which are super powerful. Your dedicated server is directly connected to our high-performance backbone and ensures the highest possible bandwidth for performance intensive internet applications, to which only you have root access, ensures maximum performance with the highest degree of independence.

Key Benefits
  • Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Containment System (HCACS).
  • Unmetered Global Network, Openshare up to 25 Mbps.
  • Unmetered Local Network, Openshare up to 1 Gbps.
  • Administrator on duty 24/7 for emergency maintenance.
  • 24/7 GREAT Support, why hire if you can use us.
  • Smart Portal System (Integrated Billing, Ticketing Support, MRTG, etc.).
  • Electricity Coverage by UPS System & Power Backup Generating Set.
  • Raise Floor System Coverage all Datacenter Area.
  • Biometrics, Face Recognition & RFID Access Security.
  • Integrated Fire Protection System.
  • Additional / Include DRC at GTN Rated 3 DC – Cikarang
  • CCTV Coverage all Datacenter Area.
  • Include FREE Basic JMS™ (Jupiter Managed Services) :
    • FREE Standard Installation.
    • FREE Primary and Secondary DNS.
    • FREE Reserved DNS / PTR Record Request.
    • FREE Web Acceleration (CDN) traffic usage 10G.
    • FREE Remote Hand & Eyes Monitoring.
    • FREE Reboot & Power Cycling.
    • FREE Proactive Monitoring.
    • FREE Basic cPanel / DirectAdmin Tuning.

  • Prices exclude 10% tax.
  • Setup Fee Rp. 500.000,- (one time payment).
  • FREE Setup Fee if payment 6 months in advance.
  • 3 months 1st payment in Advance except Budget Server
  • Min. contract 3 months for Budget & Value Server & Min. contract 12 months for Business & Ultimate Server.
  • Server online 3 – 6 working days after we received setup fee & 1st payment.
Pre Install Server

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • CloudLinux Rp. 159.000/month

*choose one

  • Standard Edition Rp. 299.000/month (Single Processor)
  • Enterprise Edition Rp. 699.000/month (Single Processor)
  • Datacenter Edition Rp. 2.999.000/month (Dual Processor + Unlimited VM)

*choose one

Every member who need & buy webhost application (cPanel, Softaculous, SolusVM, etc) from us. Our tech ready to help the first installation on your server.

Additional Services
  • OS & Hosting Application Addons
  • 1 IPv4 Rp 75.000/month
  • 5 IPv4 Rp 375.000/month
  • /29 IPv4 Rp 525.000/month
  • Flat Shelf Rp 199.000/month
  • 1 Port LAN 100 Mbps Rp 99.000/month
  • 1 Port LAN 1000 Mbps Rp 400.000/month
  • 1 PDU Socket Rp 99.000/month
  • Cross Connect RJ45 Rp 1.000.000/month
  • Cross Connect FO Rp 2.500.000/month
  • Reinstall / Reload OS Rp 500.000/reload
  • Standard JMS™ cPanel / DirectAdmin Server Rp 299.000/month
  • Advance JMS™ cPanel / DirectAdmin Server Rp 599.000/month
  • Premium JMS™ cPanel / DirectAdmin Server Rp 999.000/month

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